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Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner

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Tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurvedic practice, and is one of the best ways to remove bacteria that cause bad breath and improve your overall health.

  • Made from 100% surgical-grade stainless steel

  • How To Use

    • Stick out your tongue and apply the cleaner at the very back of the tongue. Run the cleaner from the back to front at least two to three times using light pressure. Rinse the tongue cleaner under warm water between scrapes. Disinfect in between uses.

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      • Improved overall health. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, and it is the main gateway for most of the infections that affect the health of it.
      • Removes plaque and bacteria build up on the tongue.
      • Fresher breath, as many odor-causing bacteria live on the tongue.
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