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Organic Prebiotic

Organic Prebiotic

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A great source of vitamins, minerals and prebiotic-rich fiber that work to increase the amount of beneficial organisms that support digestion, immunity, and overall health. 

How To Use

  • Mix 1 scoop directly into smoothie or 8oz of water. If your current diet is lacking in fiber, we recommend that you add it in slowly, as sudden increases in fiber can often cause digestive distress. Over time, your microbiome will diversify and get used to the increase in fiber.


  • Organic inulin powder from jerusalem artichoke.
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    • 70% of the immune system is located in the gut. A healthy immune system relies on a healthy microbiome - and a healthy microbiome is a diverse microbiome‍. Prebiotics work to feed beneficial bacteria in the gut and keep the microbiota balanced.*
    • Prebiotics are indigestible to you, but they help nourish beneficial bacteria in your body. These beneficial bacteria, in turn, assist with digestion and absorption of your food and play a significant role in your immune function.*
    • Inulin is a soluble fiber, which means it dissolves in water. Soluble fiber can work to stabilize blood glucose levels (as it prolongs stomach- emptying time), regulate cholesterol levels, and improve digestion by encouraging a healthy gut microbiome.*
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